Pioneer Line Stock Artwork         

StockArt ribbonStock Artwork is available for Qualatex® latex and Microfoil® balloons and AdRite™ latex balloons.

  • There is no screen charge if Stock Artwork is used alone on any size order.
  • A screen charge does apply any time Stock Artwork is combined with any logos or additional copy.
  • Production-ready artwork is required for logos or custom copy.


Stock Art Pricing
Latex Balloons  
Qualatex (1-Color Imprint) Click here
AdRite Click here
Qualatex (Multi-Color Imprint) Click here
Microfoil Screen Print Balloons Click here

Please be specific on order – Stock Artwork only or Stock Artwork combined with custom copy. Clearly indicate size relationship of custom copy to Stock Artwork.

Happy Halloween balloon Happy Holidays balloon Season's Greetings balloon Happy New Year balloon Valentine's Day Heart balloon St. Paddy's Day balloon
Happy Halloween
Happy Holidays
Seasons Greetings
New Year
Valentine's Day Heart
St. Paddy's Day


Smile Face balloon Celebrate Stars balloon Open House Confetti balloon Welcome Sun balloon Thanks! balloon  
Smile Face
Celebrate Stars
Open House Confetti
Welcome Sun
American Flag balloon Birthday Candles & Confetti balloon Happy Anniversary balloon Grand Opening Starburst balloon Sale Confetti balloon  
American Flag
Bday Candles & Confetti
Happy Anniversary Star
Grand Opening Starburst
Sale Confetti


Gran Apertura balloon Oferta balloon        
Grand Opening/
Gran Apertura


AdWrap Designs
AdWrap designs can be used as a Wrap Around IMPRESS II imprint. Clearly specify which is desired on your order. See AdWrap Balloons for ordering information, pricing, and additional designs for AdWrap balloons. See grid at top of page for information on one-side IMPRESS II pricing.
Casino balloon Soccer Balls balloon Fish balloon Sportsballs balloon Shadow Hearts balloon Firecrackers balloon
Soccer Balls
Shadow Hearts
Football balloon USA balloon Confetti balloon Financial balloon Shooting Stars balloon Winter balloon
Shooting Stars
Paws Prints balloon Cocktails balloon Awareness Ribbons balloon Flamingos balloon Mardi Gras balloon Roses balloon
Paws Prints
Awareness Ribbons
Mardi Gras
Hearts & Flowers balloon Stars balloon Pirates balloon Bats balloon Stars & Confetti balloon Chili Pepper balloon
Hearts & Flowers
Stars & Confetti
Chili Pepper
Musical Notes balloon Cows balloon Christmas balloon Halloween balloon    
Musical Notes

Choose the black design number when ordering a one-side IMPRESS II printed balloon.
*Choose the red design number when ordering an AdWrap balloon.


ACSI Qualatex AdRite Balloons Adopt Code

Prices in U.S. dollars. Prices effective through December 31, 2018.

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