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17" Outdoor Display Latex Balloons

17" Outdoor Display Balloons are manufactured for outdoor use. The thick-wall design provides a flying time of 35-50 hours depending on atmosphere conditions.

17" Outdoor Display Balloons
One-Color/One-Side Print   Small Quantity Price Per Piece   ABC
Item No. Description Printing 200 500 2A 1,000 2,500 5,000
17ODS 17" Outdoor Balloon (Basic Colors) NONE 0.448 0.430 0.376 0.296 0.255
1-SIDE 1.082 0.680 0.454 0.366 0.327
17ODR 17" Outdoor Balloon (Crystal/Fun Colors) NONE 0.500 0.472 0.418 0.314 0.275
1-SIDE 1.142 0.720 0.496 0.385 0.347
17ODM 17" Outdoor Balloon (Metallic Colors) NONE 0.518 0.494 0.442 0.344 0.301
1-SIDE 1.158 0.740 0.520 0.415 0.373

Color Chart*The prices above include balloons with one-color/one-side print; add any additional charges.

  • Screen Charge (#63700): $48.00(C)
  • Second-Side Imprint (one color only): 1,000-4,999 - $.05(C) each; 5,000 or more - $.025(C) each.
  • Change of Ink Color (#63701): $20.00(C) for each change.
  • Change of Copy Charge: Not available. Each unique layout priced separately. No combined pricing.
  • PMS Ink Blend (#63702): $30.00(C) per run; custom blends are not inventoried. Exact PMS color matches cannot be guaranteed.
  • Spec Sample (#63704): 25 balloons for $68.00(F).
  • Overruns/Underruns: 5% and invoiced accordingly.

Stock Printed Balloons

Sale Tropical Assortment Smile Face

Sale (#15306)
17" Basic Yellow w/Red Ink.
Sale (#98403)
17" Red w/White Ink.
Sale (#33260)
17" Assorted Blue w/White Ink, White w/Blue Ink.
$.55(A) per balloon
Minimum: 50 ballloons

Sale (#15305)
17" Tropical Asst. w/ White Ink
$.55(A) per balloon
Minimum: 50 balloons
Smile Face (#98417)
17" Yellow w/Black Ink.
$.55(A) per balloon
Minimum: 50 balloons
Smiley Tropical Assortment Now Leasing Move In Special
Smile Face (#15276)
17" Tropical Asst. w/Black Ink.
$.55(A) per balloon
Minimum: 50 balloons
Now Leasing (#48925)
17" Basic Assortment w/White Ink.
$.55(A) per balloon
Minimum: 50 balloons
Move In Special (#48926)
17" Basic Assortment w/White Ink.
$.55(A) per balloon
Minimum: 50 balloons
USA Flag
USA Flag (#33203)
17" Assorted Crystal Red,
Crystal Blue w/White Ink, White w/Blue Ink.
$.55(A) per balloon
Minimum: 50 balloons

30" Pre-made Bows
Price includes 30" pre-made bows with three 7 ft. ribbon tails.
Bows can be easily applied with attached magnet.
Minimum order: 12 (6 bows per color)

  Price Per Piece  C
Product Description 12-120
30" Pre-made Bow 50.00

Available Colors: White, Red, Blue, Black, Yellow, Metallic Gold, Metallic Silver, and Patriotic Red/White/Blue Combo Bow.


Balloon Accessories

8-Ply Polyester Cotton String (4500 ft. spool) (#35060) ............$17.75(C)

Stand-A-Balloon & Car Window Adapter
Download Template

Manufactured in North America
17" Outdoor Blue
17" Outdoor Black
17" Outdoor Red
17" Outdoor Dark Blue

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Prices in U.S. dollars. Prices effective through December 31, 2017.

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