QualatexStock Microfoil Balloons
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$1.72(A) per balloon

Minimum: 50 balloons per design.
Same design on both sides.

Made in USA
Suprafoil Qualatex Suprafoil™ balloons offer superior
float times and will float for up to 30 days!
In Stock - 48 hr quick ship
Thank You balloon You're Appreciated balloon Sale balloon Birthday balloon

Birthday balloon

Pink Ribbon Filigree
39" Microfoil Balloon
$5.30(A) per balloon
Minimum: 50 balloons
Same design on both sides.

Thank You
Patterned Dots

18" Round Microfoil Balloon
You're Appreciated!

18" Round Microfoil Balloon
18" Round Microfoil Balloon
Multiple Stars

18" Round Microfoil Balloon
You Rock! balloon Congratulations balloon You'll Be Missed balloon Breast Cancer Inspirations balloon
You Rock! Black
18" Diamond Expressions™
Microfoil Balloon
Shooting Stars

18" Round Microfoil Balloon
You'll Be Missed
18" Round Microfoil Balloon
Breast Cancer

18" Round Microfoil Balloon
USA balloon Mustache balloon
Stars & Stripes Forever (#23775)
20" Star Microfoil Balloon
$1.96(A) per balloon
Minimum: 50 balloons
(Same design on both sides)
Mustache (#60068)
42" Microfoil Balloon
$4.26(A) per balloon; Minimum 50 balloons
(Same design on both sides)
Microfoil number 0 balloon Microfoil number 1 balloon Microfoil number 2 balloon Microfoil number 3 balloon
Number Shape Microfoil Balloons
Available colors include: Silver, Metallic Gold, Magenta, Sapphire Blue, Rose Gold, and Onyx Black
$6.56(A) per balloon
Minimum: 5 balloons per shape and color
(Same design on both sides)

Extended tabs with holes make it easy to string air-filled
shapes onto line or add helium-filled shapes to a bouquet.

34" Number Zero 34" Number One 34" Number Two 34" Number Three    
Microfoil number 4 balloon Microfoil number 5 balloon Microfoil number 6 balloon Microfoil number 7 balloon Microfoil number 8 balloon Microfoil number 9 balloon
34" Number Four 34" Number Five 34" Number Six 34" Number Seven 34" Number Eight 34" Number Nine

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