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The most secure method to upload digital files is through our Web site. We also accept e-mail art attachments.

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Adobe Illustrator CS 4 or lower files in vector format are accepted. Convert fonts to outlines.

High resolution raster or bitmap images are only acceptable for Pop-up Banners, Fabric Banners, Promotional Flags, Event Tents, Table Covers, and large quantity Microfoil Balloons. We do not accept Corel Draw, Freehand, QuarkXPress, PowerPoint, Microsoft Excel, Adobe InDesign or word processing files.


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Attach a hardcopy PDF or JPEG below or fax to 800-803-3314. A paper proof charge will apply if a hardcopy is not received.


Click Submit only once. Do not navigate away from the upload page during the uploading process. An automatic Email confirmation with an Artwork Reference number will be sent to the Email address provided. Please note the Artwork Reference number on the Purchase Order and all correspondence.


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